Doodleslide Provides Awesome Hand Drawn PowerPoint Templates And Clipart

While most people look for flashy graphics and complex PowerPoint designs, what they often forget is that sometimes one can simply attract the attention of an audience with a touch of simplicity. Doodleslide is an interesting service that offers hand drawn PowerPoint templates and Clip art. The aim of the Doodleslide team is to make PowerPoint presentations more creative and attention grabbing, with the help of a more realistic touch to the presentation with novel designs. Doodleslide caters for all kinds of users, including business professionals and has a wide variety of templates and clipart that can be used by corporate users.

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The Motto of Doodleslide is to help people “better communicate their amazing ideas”. If you are skeptical as to how a Doodle can help you present a more appealing presentation, then it might be worth mentioning here that the founder of Doodleslide, Gavin Wedell came up with the idea when he learned how a Doodle can be easier to understand than a regular boring PowerPoint presentation. He was once drawing Doodles of what he was learning at his MBA class at Cambridge . It turned out that these Doodles were easier to understand than the a regular PowerPoint presentation. In fact, his classmates asked for copies and his professors were shocked as to how easy the Doodles were to understand.


The Doodleslide website offers a large range of PowerPoint templates and Clip art. Furthermore, you can also benefit from the “Presentation tips” section at the website, which offers smart tips for creating more robust presentations. The Templates section is divided into three different categories, including Educational Templates, Business Templates and General Templates. These templates can be used for a variety of purposes including educational or professional presentations (e.g. for corporate use).

Illustrations PowerPoint with slideshow themes

Similarly, the Clip Art section provides hand drawn clip art, with all kinds of designs. As you can see from the images shown below, the clip art designs provided at Doodleslide are suitable for teachers, students, business professionals, as well as people engaged in numerous other occupations and can be used in your slideshow themes.

cartoon powerpoint

You can purchase a Doodleslide package for Windows, Mac OS X or Prezi. These packages provide users with 400 clip art images, 100 PowerPoint slide templates, as well as other features such as additional PowerPoint buttons and the Landrina font. Furthermore, each bundle also provides you with a Bonus ‘PowerPoint Karma’ eBook. The Windows and Mac bundle costs $24.95, whereas the Prezi bundle costs $19.95 (introductory offer).

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