Desktop Marketing Project Management Database Template For Access

Marketing Project Management is a critical, time-sensitive task that, when done right, can provide high rewards to your company. To help you get on the right track, there are many project management software that you can use. However, why would you want to spend money on these when you can create your own? 

Be on Top of Your Marketing Projects and Generate Income for Your Company

The Desktop Marketing Project Management Database Template for Access is a very useful tool that can help you keep track of time-sensitive tasks and deliverables, timelines, activity deadlines, employee roles, vendor information, and other project management data and reports. This Access Template is designed to comprehensively cover all your marketing project management needs so you can devote more time on the actual activities themselves. This way, you can be confident that you can execute a successful project that your clients and your company will surely appreciate.

Effectively Manage Multiple Projects Running Simultaneously

The Marketing Project Management Database contains forms, tables, and queries specific for managing your marketing project. The whole database template can be navigated from the navigation pane. Here, you can go to your Projects, Deliverables, Vendors, Employees, and Supporting Objects.

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For each database category, you can find various forms and reports. For example, in Projects, you can find your Marketing Projects Home, Open Projects Chart, Open Projects List, Project Deliverables Chart, Project Balance Sheet, and many others. This can be very useful especially when you are managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Automatically Generate Reports

Meanwhile, the Deliverables can show you who is in charge of every task and the details behind them. The Vendors tab lets you store contact information of specific third-party vendors or suppliers. Similarly, the Employees tab shows you all the employees involved in each project, and their contact information.

You can easily filter through all these data and generate reports for all the data so you can easily analyze how your projects are doing. You can even put your data in PowerPoint presentations.

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