Create Interactive 3D Presentations With Tao Presentations

Tao Presentations is a cross-platform application for creating presentations in 3D. This presentation tool can be used for creating interactive quizzes, 3D models and other types of presentations, using readymade templates or just your own imagination. Unlike 3D PowerPoint Templates, Tao presentations uses an architecture similar to web pages.

Tao Presentations

Tao Presentations Template Chooser

To create a new presentation in Tao Presentations, go to File –> New From Template Chooser. If you have an existing project, you can also Open it from the File menu. The Template Chooser can be used to either use a readymade template or to start from a Blank Document. The themes available in Tao Presentations can be used for making technology, weather, business and academic presentations.

New Template

Once you have selected a theme, give a name to your presentation/project and optionally select a destination folder to save it to a desired location. The default location in Windows 7 is the Tao folder in Documents.

File Name

The below screenshot shows the beautiful Lucky Star Theme, which is available in Tao Presentations in editable format, along with many other visually appealing, animated 3D themes.

Lucky Star Theme

How To Edit 3D Themes To Make Presentations

To edit the 3D Templates in Tao Presentations, go to View-> Document Source. From here, you can make required changes to create your very own 3D presentation. As you can see from the image below, the default name of the template was changed to a custom presentation title by editing the document source.

Document Source

Tao Presentations can be a bit tricky to initially use, therefore, we would suggest you to seek help from the Help menu, which provides access to documentation, tutorials and application Preferences from where you can Enable or Disable modules. The below image shows a sample presentation made with Tao Presentations.

Sample Presentations

To make 3D presentations in PowerPoint, see our Animated PowerPoint Templates. Tao Presentations is a paid application that costs €49.99, however, you can try out this application by downloading the trial version from the link given below. Tao Presentations works with:

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Go to Download Tao Presentations

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