Create a Simple 3D Pyramid in PowerPoint

In less than 1 minute you can create a simple 3D Pyramid design using PowerPoint shapes. This tutorial will guide you on how to make a 3D Pyramid illustration using PowerPoint shapes and styles.

3D Pyramid design in PowerPoint

Step 1 – Add the 2D triangle

First of all we start adding a simple 2D triangle shape into the slide.

Isosceles Triangle Pyramid in PowerPoint

Step 2 – Change the 3D Options

Now we can change the properties of the isosceles triangle including the 3D format options and rotation. In the following figure you can see how we rotate the object using 3D options.

3D Format options in PowerPoint

Step 3 – Add a Bevel Effect to the Triangle

Now, let’s add a bevel effect. Thanks to the bevel effect we can make the 3D pyramid with any desired height. Enter the Format Shape dialog box and then chosoe 3D Format. Then adjust the Top Bevel and change the width and height values.

3D Pyramid PPT template

The following figure shows the type of bevel style and values we have used for this demo.

Bevel effect in PowerPoint while creating a pyramid slide

Step 4 – Add the drop shadow

As we did with the 3D Cone design for PowerPoint, you can add a drop shadow effect. We have created this shadow using PowerPoint shapes and gradients but you can easily adjust the shadow in the Format shape dialog box, too. Here is the final result.

A 3D Pyramid design can be helpful for a variety of business diagrams including diagrams for presentations on management and topics for example to make a funnel design or pyramid of needs. You can download free pyramid templates and backgrounds for PowerPoint from or make your own pyramid shapes using this technique. Alternatively you can download ready made templates for PowerPoint presentations like the Egypt Pyramid design for PowerPoint or 3D Pyramid shapes.

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