Closing Speech Samples: How to End a Speech

If you are giving a speech or presentation then it becomes essential to have a blasting ending as well as opening because it shows where you stand and your skills.

Example of Closing speech

You should always practice your closing properly as it could give a success against your presentation.The best speaker uses the most excellent manner to close his presentation to attain purpose .

If you want to please your audience and also want to leave a lasting impression then you must follow these following 4 points for ending your speech or presentation:

1. Do summarize your speech at the end:

It is advisable to summarize. You can use your subtopics in the end to brief all of them.  It is always important to summarize whole of your speech as it will help your audience to be connected with you as well they will be able to remember the whole speech of yours.

2. Use your Opening for closing:

There are chances most of the time that you prepare a great opening so you are suggested to use some of the good words from your opening as people will be able to recall your speech properly. The best way is to ask the same question that you might have asked in the starting of your speech.

Opening can be a great ending.

3. Make use of great Quotation:

It is one of the great ideas to present your content with a good Quotation. For this reason you must search for a nice quote to use in the ending of your speech. This method can also be used in the opening of your speech. But remember to compliment the writer.

Use of some wonderful quotes can be really useful for speaker. It shows that you have searched vigilantly and know want you speaking on

4. Try to give a Dramatic Statement:

This is known as the most novel technique amongst all of 3 above. For a lasting impression if you give your audience a lively or superb ending that would be a great option. Do not ever wiper out at the time of concluding. As it can ruin all of your efforts that you made to make your presentation a success.

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To give a great ending you need to Practice all your material that you going to use throughout speech and know ending of your presentation. So you must always pre-plan your starting. And you need to remember atleast 3-4 lines of your opening so that you can use it in the end.

Do not just miss a chance to speak your last words. Alternatively you can find ideas and good persuasive speech topics to use in your presentations.

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