Build Sophisticated Dashboards To Present Data With SAP Crystal Dashboard

In previous posts we have covered many web services that allow keeping an eye on important business tasks by making a custom dashboard. Some examples include, Geckoboard and Ducksboard. However, when it comes to acquiring more elaborate business data from databases and spreadsheets, Xcelsius Dashboards (now known as SAP Crystal Dashboard Design) is one of the best tools for business professionals.

What is SAP Crystal Dashboard Design Software?

SAP Business Objects is a company that specializes in providing products to facilitate people engaged in business intelligence departments. Many primary products of this company provide planning, management, reporting and analytical tools, one of which is Xcelsius Dashboards (SAP Crystal Dashboard Design). These dashboards support the development of flash dashboards with dynamic charts and graphics which can gather data from databases, spreadsheets and other sources to make it possible for end users to easily get an idea about the available stats with the help of easy to understand layouts and graphs. You can even embed these dashboards to a PowerPoint presentation to interpret data in an easy to understand manner for your audience.

SAP Crystal Dashboards

Using SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software is meant for users belonging to different kinds of skill levels to create dashboards from various types of data sources. The data visualizations that you can use include maps, gauges, charts, business performance indicators and more.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

Embedding Xcelsius Dashboards in PowerPoint

Ina previous post we even showed you how to embed Scelsius Dashboards in PowerPoint presentations. Such a move can help you share statistical data with others (e.g. company directors) to reflect upon the performance of various departments, products, quarterly sales plans, etc. To find out how to add Xcelsius to PowerPoint presentations, see this post: How to Embed XCelsius Dashboard in PowerPoint 2010.


To download the SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software, to request a free trial and to download elaborate PDF guides related to the product, head over to the developer’s website via the link given below.

Go to Download SAP Dashboard Design (Software)

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