Better Project Management On iPad With xPlan

Project management services are quite widely available online, however if you are looking for an application that can help you manage your projects easily, then try xPlan. This iPad application can help you manage each and every aspect of your project. With XPlan you can not only create, track and manage your projects but also calculate the costs that you might incur for them. It provides Gantt charts that can be used to create more elaborate PowerPoint presentations or can be used instead of a Timeline creation tool.


While there are many complex web services and applications for business professionals, seldom do we see something for sole proprietors or people with little project management experience. If you don’t have a lot of experience in handling projects then xPlan might just be perfect to help you out. With xPlan you can enter your task requirements, available resources and other types of information, which can be translated in the form of a Gantt schedule chart. This way you can see the requirements and timeline for your project at a glance.

Gantt Charts

To get an overview regarding the options available in xPlan, tap the Open Example button. This option is available from the main page of the application. To get a better idea regarding how to use this app, you can check out the sample project that is provided by default.

Some of the major features of xPlan are as follows:

  • Management of Resources: You can manage and calculate costs for your human and material resources.
  • Tasks: You can add tasks to the xPlan chart such as the costs, additional notes, schedule and completion status. You can even tag members from a specific group in the task window.
  • Milestone: Adding Milestones can help you calculate the timeline for your project.
  • Process: The process menu is quite similar to the task menu. You can add process information to enter details regarding how your project will be undertaken.
  • Todo: The Todo section can help you add reminders and create a list of items of the things that need to be done.
  • Resource: This section can be used to add information about your human and material resources.

xPlan App

To find out more, try out xPlan for yourself. Xplan costs $29.99 and is compatible with iPad devices running iOS version5.0 or later.

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