Awesome Animated Circular Diagrams With Chevron Arrows And 3D Figures

Chevron arrows are always elegant to use in presentations, especially readymade templates which provide diagrams and generic layouts with chevron shapes. The Five Piece Interactive Chevron Tool Kit is a multi-purpose template which can be used for making circular diagrams, process charts, business diagrams and more.

Create 3D Diagrams With Chevron Arrows

This PowerPoint Template can be easily customized to match your presentation topic and you can create professional looking diagrams by doing nothing more than adding mere text to readymade slides. The given arrow diagrams with stick figures are ideal for five step processes, however, you can move the arrows via drag and drop to reshape the diagram according to need.

create 3d diagrams with chevron arrows

Multi-Colored Diagrams With Editing Instructions

Various slides provide similar diagrams in different colors, which provides diversity for presenters in creating and presenting their diagram slides. The final two slides also provide editing instructions to help you customize the slides to your liking. Furthermore, different slides also come with basic tips to help you fashion your slides by using the given placeholders.

multi-colored diagrams with editing instructions

Show Each Part of a Diagram in Detail

The template comes divided in different slide sets which concentrate on different angles of a specific diagram. For example, you can explain each part of a process or topic from the five step diagram by making use of the slide sets (e.g. slide 8-13), which highlight each part of the diagram in different colors as the slides progress. You can even change the color of each slide to further customize its look.

highlight diagram slide by slide

Of course, you can also create an infinite number of standalone diagrams with the complete model with all relevant sections clearly highlighted and labeled.

chevron diagram template for powerpoint

This PowerPoint Template works with the following:

  • PowerPoint for Windows
  • PowerPoint for Mac

Go to Presenter Media – Five Piece Interactive Chevron Tool Kit

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