Animated Video Game PowerPoint Template

Your Level Up is the name of a Video Game PowerPoint Template which depicts various levels of an arcade like game in the form of PowerPoint slides. The template depicts various stages of a game with the option for the presenter to create custom game settings using handy clipart.

Video Game Themed PowerPoint Template

The template contains various animated scenes. You can edit these animated scenes by adding your own text to the given text-boxes. You can also rearrange layouts, change object colors and perform other customizations according to your preferences.

animated video game powerpoint template

There are a number of handy guidelines within this template to help presenters design their slides. These guidelines provide tips for editing slides and slide objects for customizing sample slides.

editing tips for video game slides

Create Video Game Like Timelines

The slides in this template are quite suitable for creating video game like timelines, roadmaps and project plans. This can help make your content more interesting and enable you to present dull topics with more interesting graphics.

video game slides

Different levels depicted in this template show various types of challenging environments. This type of slide design can be used for a wide range of presentation topics. You can hence use this template for not only video game themed presentations but also for school lectures, business presentations, motivational talks, etc.

video game timeline

Video Game Clipart

There are 7 sample slides in the template. You can create new slides and duplicate sample ones to create new video game style layouts of your own. To help you along the way, the clipart slide provides different clipart images for designing custom slides similar to the sample ones.

video game clipart

The overall feel of the template is that of a video game belonging to the horror genre. This makes it perfect for presentations near the Halloween season. However, you can edit the default layouts to redesign the slides to give them a more cheerful outlook.

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