Animated Valentine’s Day PowerPoint Template

For all of you presenters concerned with making presentations related to what makes the world go round, here is an Animated Valentine’s Day PowerPoint Template for you. This template can be used for making anything from presentations about what dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline and oxytocin (aka the love hormone), or you can simply make sales related slideshow for Valentine’s Day.

Animated Valentine’s Day PowerPoint Template

The Chemistry of Love

The original name of the template is Chemistry Love. The template provides slides which discuss the chemistry of love, literally. The sample slides are science centric, i.e. they focus on the scientific factors that give us the feeling of love. However, you can also alter the sample slides to your needs.

Chemistry of Love

Like all Presenter Media templates, this template is easy to customize and the given objects, no matter how small, are all editable and replaceable.

Love Formula

An Interesting Take on Love

The slides offer an interesting take on love by focusing on all that goes inside our bodies that make us fall in love. Nonetheless, there are also slides with a lot of hearts and other pretty things that can give you enough content to venture out of the scientific territory.

Physiological Responses to Attraction

There are illustrations of a male and female figure with a heart in the backdrop to help you explain things scientifically or to create slideshows that can be associated with the feeling of love and Valentine’s Day.

Science of Love

Create Timelines, Diagrams & Illustrations

You can also create timelines, diagrams and illustrations using the sample content. This also makes the template suitable for delivering your formal presentations nearing the Valentine’s Day. This might help add some humor to your slides and also to keep the mood of your audience in line with the festivities.

Love Timeline

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