Animated Pipes PowerPoint Template

When it comes to presentations, the more innovative, the better. For some presenters, this can be a case of experimentation or trial and error. However, there are those presenters who succeeded in creating innovative presentations even if their topics can be the most common. So, if you’re in the market for beautifully designed, innovative and captivating presentation templates, you may like this Animated Pipes PowerPoint Template.

The Animated Pipes PowerPoint Template is a premium animated template by Presenter Media. It is a wonderful collection of animated slides that feature pipes creatively put together to tell different kinds of story. You can use it as one complete presentation, or select the slides that you need to include in an already existing presentation.

Animated Gauges And Pipes PowerPoint Templates

Get This Template in Your Presentation Pipeline

What’s great about this Animated Pipes PowerPoint Template is that it has a collection of gauges and pipes cleverly going in various directions and taking on different shapes to convey information. So, instead of the usual charts and text blocks, you can use these animated pipes to tell your story in a unique and captivating way.

The fact that it’s animated makes it even more exciting. Your audience can definitely follow your message by following the pipes and gauges across the slides.

This Animated Pipes PowerPoint Template features 9 different slide designs that are all expertly animated so you can concentrate on creating your own content. The presentation can be used as is, for presentations involving business, water, pipes, industrial work, and many others. On the other hand, you can use various slides and insert them in your presentation.

Animated Pipe Timeline

Pipes and Gauges to Turn Up Your Presentations

Since the template is made specifically for PowerPoint, you don’t have to use any other software. You can also expect a seamless transition from your slides to your other presentations without losing the quality or getting the format modified. What you see from the template will still be what you will use when you transfer it to your already existing slide. You can choose only the slides that you need and insert them in your presentation. Then, just apply the same background to the pipe slides for a cohesive and more professional-looking presentation.

The pipes and gauges of this premium template are all synchronized to show a realistic way of how pipes and gauges work. They are also great not just for presentations involving water, temperatures, construction or engineering, they can also convey systems or plans. These slides can be used for various business presentations such as sales pitches, business plans, and even financial reports. It’s up to you to customize the slides depending on your theme or brand. As long as you choose the right slide layout and design to convey your message, you can be sure that your slideshow will look stunning and captivating because of these animated pipes template.

Gauge Template with Pipe Illustrations

Show off What’s in the Pipes with Animated Slides

For example, there’s one slide that can show your audience the different topics you’re going to tackle in your presentation. Each topic has its own pipe and gauge, and they are color-coded as well. Then, there’s also another slide that shows options and another, comparisons. These slides show how water fills the pipes and the gauges change as well along with the pipes.

Sequential Slides with Easy Customization Options

There is also another slide for showing facts and figures, and the animation can help you show temperatures to relate on the intensity or importance of each fact.

This pipes PowerPoint template has another set of slides for instructions, so you can manipulate the slides and the animations without worrying about breaking anything in the slide or making it disconnected. This also ensures that even beginner PowerPoint users can navigate through these slides and successfully customize them.

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