Animated Lights of Time PowerPoint Template

Some presenters need a holiday season themed slide deck for making end of the year presentations. A cheerful template with Christmas decorations and colorful lights can be quite useful for such presentations; like the Animated Lights of Time PowerPoint Template.

Animated and Static Holiday Season Slides

The title slide gives a textbox sliding in to view with your custom message. This shows u amidst a background depicting glowing lights. The text shows up with an effect that makes it look like as if it is attached to a string. This can be a good cheerful way to start a holiday season presentation.

animated lights of time powerpoint template

There is also a static version of this slide without the animations. You can preview animations by running the presentation slideshow. There are placeholders to help you edit the text which is automatically animated once you edit the placeholders. To edit the text in the opening slide, you will have to go to the top of the slide (as shown below).

holiday season custom text

Holiday Season PowerPoint Template

With 11 slides, the presentation deck provides both animated and static slides. These slides can help you decide whether you want to use only static or animated slides or wish to mix them both. The general theme across the template is of colorful Christmas tree lights in the backdrop. However, the template is rather generic and can also be used for other holidays such as; Hanukkah and the New Year.

christmas tree background

The template contains dark color tones and background designs that can help your content get noticed. You can use the white overlay text and insert your images to make the slides more vibrant. The slides are quite attention grabbing, especially the animated version of the slides.

christmas clipart

To customize the vibrant slide designs, you can also add your charts, diagrams, photos and infographics.

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