Animated Internet of Things Template for PowerPoint

Technology has indeed gone a long way from just a decade ago. These days, not only do we have devices that do so many things for us and which we rely on very much, these devices can also be interconnected to work together. And better than that–even everyday objects can be programmed and integrated with each other, creating what is known as the Internet of Things. The Animated Internet of Things Template for PowerPoint is all about connectivity, the Internet and digital devices.

The Internet of Things refers to a system of interrelated computers, devices, mechanical and digital devices, objects, and other things, even animals and humans, which can communicate with each other over a network. This is a fairly new technology that makes the most out of the internet and connectivity so that people can get things done without requiring much human and computer interaction.

The Internet of Things

It’s been said that the Internet of Things is the next frontier when it comes to technology. Because many objects these days are fitted with computers and are digital, they can connect to the internet and IOT can make use of this, connecting these objects, sharing data, and performing commands. From a key to a whole house, the Internet of Things is a powerful technology that connects the digital with the physical world.

Internet of Things Slide

Showcase Modern Colorful Design

Now, if you’re out discussing the internet of things in your presentation, or if you’re a startup of a company that offers services or products related to connectivity and the Internet of Things, then you will find the Internet of Things Template for PowerPoint very useful.

The Internet of Things PowerPoint Template features 13 different slides that have different layouts. These are so that you can have different ways of presenting your information, as well as large amounts of facts and figures, in a way that is visual and concise. Still, each of these slides has the same theme so that they remain cohesive and true to the modern design of the whole presentation.

The Internet of Things PowerPoint Template has a colorful, vibrant, and minimalist design that is fun and illustrative. The title slide shows a cool blue circle with different objects inside it, symbolizing the many objects that can be connected to work seamlessly with each other through IOT. Then, the inside slides feature different layouts for illustrating different information.

Vibrant and Modern Slide Template

Versatile Internet of Things Template for Everyone

There is a slide for lists of four categories. You can, of course, edit this, add more or delete the categories and list items, depending on your own content. Each category has a corresponding icon and the lists are separated into different shapes, with fill colors that you can also customize depending on your own presentation theme.

There are also slides that specifically refer to various objects that you can seamlessly integrate with the Internet of Things. As for the icons, the template also contains an icon pack so you can change your icons to other objects. The colors of the SmartArt can also be customized or mixed up with other styles, depending on your own slideshow theme. Just click on Design or click on the Format under Drawing Tools when you click on the object or shape in the slide.

This IOT template can be used when talking about technology, devices, and of course, the Internet of Things. Startups and even well-established tech companies can specially find this template useful. Still, even students can use this template because it’s versatile and not so complicated to use. Anyone familiar with PowerPoint can easily navigate through this slideshow template and customize it.

Internet Infographic

Some of the slides can even be used separately, so you can insert it easily to an already existing presentation without any need to convert it or do a lot of changes.

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