Animated Growth Timeline Template for PowerPoint

In some cases, one needs to depict growth in the form of a timeline. This can be when showing the progress of a company, rise in profits or the progress of a project. If you’re looking for an Animated Growth PowerPoint Template, Plant Timeline is an excellent slide deck that can help you create growth related timelines.

Growth Timeline with Vine Animation

This timeline template for PowerPoint depicts vines, growing into a timeline. This vine expands as you proceed with your presentation. This can be a good way to show your timeline as an individual slide or when starting your presentation. The template contains a collection of different types of vine themed timeline slides, which come with animations to load the timeline in a systematic manner.

plant timeline for powerpoint

The second timeline slide in this template depicts vines growing in pots. This timeline too loads gradually in Slide Show mode. These timeline slides can be easily edited by adding relevant information.

vine template for powerpoint

Vine Leaves that Appear in Ascending Order

Plant Timeline is particularly useful for presentations where you need to show growth. By editing the text in the vine leaves, you can represent growth with animated slides. Since the vines in the animations load in ascending order, you can present your ideas with some visual appeal. This template can also be used for showing growth of any type in the form of infographics, such as economic growth, financial growth, business growth, etc.

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animated growth timeline powerpoint template

Create Growth Related Charts and Comparisons

There are also slides with vine themed content accompanied by charts and pictorial slides for making comparisons and picture slides. You can pick and choose the slides you deem most suitable and edit them for your presentation.

vine growht chart

For this and more growth themed timeline templates for PowerPoint, head over to PresenterMedia.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Growth Timeline Template for PowerPoint

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