Animated Gears Infographic PowerPoint Template

Gear icons are often used in diagrams and illustrations used for making PowerPoint presentations. This is because gears can be quite helpful in depicting different types of processes, relationships and to represent cohesion and teamwork. We explained in a previous post how to make gear icons in PowerPoint and also brought you the Gear Icons Toolkit for PowerPoint. This time we have a gear icons infographics template for making PowerPoint presentations with the aid of animated slides. The Animated Gears Infographic PowerPoint Template is a brilliantly crafted slide deck for making gear icon themed presentations.

Animated Gear Illustrations

This template is filled with attractive gear animations for PowerPoint, which can help you make visually appealing slides. All you need to do is to fill-in the text-boxes and add your own clipart or images to create animated slides. The title slide provides an animated illustration to help you introduce your topic.


Create Infographics Using Gear Animations

There are a number of slides which provide unique gear icon animations that reveal parts of the slide content one-by-one. You can use these layouts for making infographics, process diagrams or to elaborate upon different subjects using easy to grasp, animated layouts. Your added content will appear one-by-one, upon mouse-click, as you reveal your slide show.


Completely Editable Layouts

You can not only save time by filling out the placeholders but even opt for customizing the layouts by changing the colors and orientation of default layouts.


The sample slides are glossy, with shadow effects that give the gear illustrations more depth and can help draw your audience towards the content that matters the most in your slides.


Sample Clipart for PowerPoint

There is also sample clipart available within a clipart slide. You can also make use of slide objects by copying them from other slides, since this slide deck is fully editable. Furthermore, you can recolor clipart images according to need.


Go to Presenter Media – Animated Gears Infographic PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Gears Infographic PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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