Animated Emoji PowerPoint Template

If man every went back to the sign language, emojis will have a major role to play! Emojis are one of the most frequently used and easily recognizable symbols that are used for expressing a wide range of emotions. If you wish to use emojis in a presentation, you might want to check out the Animated Emoji PowerPoint Template.

emoji powerpoint template

Use Animated Emoji Slides to Express Your Views

The template comes with six sample slides. The opening slide is meant to act as a title slide, whereas, the remaining five slides provide different emojis to express various emotions. The second slide is all about anger, followed by the third slide which depicts a sad emoji. This is followed by emotions like happiness, excitement and a neutral expression which is meant to depict the mood as OK.

Use a Scale for Expressing Moods

The template has been designed in a way that each mood is meant to be a part of a scale. There is also a needle that can be placed according to the mood you wish to discuss. The scale starts with negative emotions, whereas positive emotions come after the neutral emoji; at the bottom of the scale.

The negative emotions like anger and sadness are marked with a reddish color tone. The neutral emoji is orange and the positive expressions are marked with greenish color tones. The main body of the slides can be customized to add images, charts, SmartArt, etc. This can help you make use of the mood scale to highlight the main content of each slide. There is also sample clipart like stick figures that you can copy around to use in your slides.

You can download this Emoji PowerPoint Template for not only PowerPoint but also Keynote.

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