Animated Business Doodle Timeline Template For PowerPoint

Great ideas often start with a doodle! While one might think that modern day apps allow cohesively bringing together ideas to create mind maps and detailed plans; some people still like using pen and paper. Similarly, others have just switched to digital pens using devices like the Livescribe Smartpen.

Whether you like living the ‘doodle life’ or wish to bring a touch of realistic graphics to your PowerPoint slides, the Animated Business Doodle Timeline Template for PowerPoint is worth a shot.

Doodle slide design

Animated Doodle Slides with Timeline Layouts

With doodle slide designs, there are a number of animated slides which provide animated layouts, symbols and timeline slides for making effective presentations. One of the advantages of using this template is the unconventional look, which instantly grabs the viewer’s attention. Secondly, the animated content makes it possible to present your slides with a professional touch.

PowerPoint Doodle template

The animated slides include two timeline layouts, which can be used in conjunction to create a timeline, which can be displayed in two slides. As you switch from the first to the second timeline slide, the animation gives the illusion of the timeline moving forward like a conveyor belt.

Timeline layout with doodles

Display Statistics, Mind Maps and Create Infographics

This template is also quite handy for revealing statistical data in the form of charts or making infographics.

Doodle pie chart

There are also slides which can be used as mind maps or for making generic diagrams. The slide objects are movable and you can add/remove elements within slides according to need. This template can be used by both Windows and Mac users of Microsoft PowerPoint, with compatibility for the latest versions such as PowerPoint 2013 for PC and PowerPoint 2016 for Mac.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Business Doodle Timeline Template for PowerPoint (Standard Version)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Business Doodle Timeline Template for PowerPoint (Widescreen Version)

Doodle mind map

Doodle Clipart

This doodle clipart depicts a stick figure drawing a diagram. This static image can be downloaded in different formats like PNG or JPG in a desired resolution. You can also search and download thousands of other clipart images via the Presenter Media website.

Go to Presenter Media – Doodle Clipart

Doodle clipart

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