Animated Business Deal PowerPoint Template

Business deals often require teamwork. To enlighten your team regarding their responsibilities for closing that deal; you might want to make a presentation. The Animated Business Deal PowerPoint Template gives interactive slides that can help you make your next business deal presentation.

Interactive Buttons for Switching Between Slides

This animated PowerPoint  template gives a sequence of slides for designing a business deal presentation. The first slide in the sequence provides interactive links for all slides in the slide deck. You can use this slide to switch between all slides in a click. The slides are by default labeled by number.

The below image shows this slide. As you can see there is also a tooltip with instructions regarding how to best use this interactive slide.

Introduce Your Topic

The next slide gives space for adding your introduction. The default layout provides some clipart that you can use, or remove (as needed). The Home button on the top right corner can be used to go back to the title slide; which contains buttons for switching to any slide in the deck.

Discuss the Negotiation Process

You can discuss the negotiation process in the slide that follows. This slide also comes with a layout that places placeholders around some clipart that can be symbolically used with your topic. Like the second slide, this slide too comes with the Home button for going back to the title slide. In fact, this button is available for all content slides.

Contract Signing Process

You can then discuss the contract signing process. This slide gives a symbolic clipart depicting a signed document, with space for adding your text.

Close Your Deal

Finally, you can discuss the last stage of the deal, i.e. the closing process. All slides in the deck load with animations, so do preview your slides after adding your content to see if you’re satisfied with how they are loading with the pre-configured animations.

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