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Last updated on June 17th, 2022

In a recent post we brought you an overview of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software (formerly known as Xcelsius Dashboards). While creating a Dashboard using this software can be quite useful for enterprise users, not everyone is an expert. This is why you might be better off getting some professional help. Analysis Factory is a website where you can order customized designs for analytical dashboards made with tools such as the SAP Crystal Dashboard Design software and Silverlight. Analysis Factory can provide you with dashboards for you or your clients to get accurate stats in an easy to understand manner which can help you later translate them in annual reports, PowerPoint presentations, data charts and more.

Analysis Factory 

Wide Range of Dashboard Models

The Analysis Factory website is quite easy to grasp and you can browse through the gallery to look for a dashboard which may be suitable for your business. The Gallery displays some featured dashboards that you might find of immense interest. These include Investor Relations, Account Receivable, Performance Scorecard and Sales Pipeline Dashboards.

Featured Dashboards

Try Out Dashboard Demos

You can get an instant demonstration for a dashboard by clicking on the thumbnail image. This will take you to a demo dashboard where you can analyze the various features of the dashboard and see if it is the kind of analytical tool that you are looking for.

Dashboard Demos

Get A Dashboard That Matches Your Needs

The Spotlight on Sales and Custom Solutions sections in the gallery provide you with a large number of dashboard examples that you can test out. These include anything from dashboards that project profit and loss stats to models that can be used to display human resources, project management, sales and the performance trends of your business. This kind of dashboard software can be used for any corporate business dashboard and it is an alternative to other dashboard software and tools like QlikView.

Custom Solutions

Even if you are unable to find a dashboard type that suits your needs, you can contact the Analysis factory team for a solution which may match your needs. Analysis Factory already has names like CISCO, CNBC, eBay, Samsung, Pfizer, Verizon and dozens of other well-known companies to its client list, which makes it all the more worthy for acquiring services from. For details, visit the Analysis Factory website.

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