Adventures Outdoor Image Template For PowerPoint

Photography themed presentation templates tend me often a little flat. For showcasing photographs, particularly outdoor images, one requires more than just static slides over vague background designs. Adventures Outdoor Image Template for PowerPoint is a uniquely designed presentation template that offers animated slides with attractive layout to help you create presentations and slideshows of outdoor images.

Animated and Static Versions of Sample Slides

There are a total of 18 slides in this animated template. The first 9 slides come in animated form, whereas slide 11 to 18 provides a static version of the sample slides. Slide 10 is just a separator slide which points out that the slides ahead are static.

adventures outdoor image template for powerpoint

Add Title and Description for Your Images

There are a number of slides that have been designed like a collage with space for adding a title and description. This makes it possible to design your slideshow with a proper title and description to help your audience better understand the context, location and other relevant details tied to the image.

outdoor images slideshow template

Design Your Slideshows and Presentations with Animated Layouts

The animated version of the slides in this deck come with pre-loaded animations that play out with your added content. This way you can design slides by simply adding your own images and text and the animations will play out with the automatically.

photography collage

The slide deck by default comes with a plethora of outdoor images. You can replace these images, resize slide elements, as well as use SmartArt to design and redesign layouts to make your slides more interesting.

image collage with title and description

Other than PowerPoint, there is also a Keynote version of this template available for download from the developer’s website.

Go to Presenter Media – Adventures Outdoor Image Template For PowerPoint (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Adventures Outdoor Image Template For PowerPoint (Widescreen)

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