Advantages of Microsoft Windows as an Operative System

In the Personal Computer Industry, Microsoft organization is among the most influential companies founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. On November 20,1985 Microsoft introduced Windows that came to dominate the world’s PC market. The term Windows explains the numerous generations of Microsoft Operating products and provides a virtual memory management, graphical user interface etc.

windows 8

Microsoft Windows as an operating system boast various versions such as: Windows 1.0, 95, Millennium Edition, 2000, Vista, XP, 98, 1.0, MS-DOS and many more you can access from any part of the world. Recently the new Windows 8 is the successor of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Diverse Microsoft Windows Advantages

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Windows have paved their way for computing world. There are some end user characteristics that will surely going to make a huge positive difference on your desktop. For Windows users, they make the most rousing upgrade:


When it comes to talk about Windows 7 and Vista, almost all applications work and in simpler terms many companies use different programs on XP, but they didn’t work. On the other hand, on Windows 7 all programs run in an appropriate way.

Start menu/ Task bar

With the help of aero technology, Microsoft is making the best use. Task bar icons are larger and are not labelled with awkward text anymore. If you have multiple Explorer Windows or Word Documents open, you will find the batch and certainly each window will be visible in thumbnail.

Lower Hardware Requirements

Making the conversion from Windows XP less painful Windows 7 capable enough to work on lower end hardware. These days, Microsoft is pushing Windows 7 for net books and this would surely provide a modern replacement for XP.


No doubt, Microsoft has spent a lot of effort and time in getting the start menu just right.  Thus, now you can expect the booting time is faster as the company has realized the need for improved desktop responsiveness.

Search and organization

The improved search tool makes Windows 7 makes it the best option. Not just this, you don’t have to keep one everything in one place. Since, the concept of libraries has taken the concept of ‘My Documents’ a stage further.

The above mentioned are just some of the advantages of Microsoft Windows and many more you can explore online.  Recently, Microsoft has announced the Whodunit, an innovative nationwide social gaming competition. Thus, go ahead pull up your socks to take up this challenge.

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