Adding Watermark to PowerPoint

There are different concepts for what Watermark means, but usually when we need to add watermark to our documents is either to avoid someone to copy our content or to add a light background to the document for example to embed a Confidential status, or Approval, or whatever other status. We can also use the watermark to add an image in transparent mode to the document background.

This article will explain how to add a simple watermark to the PowerPoint presentation. By adding a transparent image to one or all of your PPT presentation slides you can make a PowerPoint presentation uniquely your own or clearly identify your presentation sponsor or unique PowerPoint templates for your organization.

A transparent background covers the entire slide and adding a watermark offers more flexibility, in that you can change its size and position on the slide. Either one can be applied to every slide in your presentation or only to slides you choose.

To add a watermark image to PowerPoint, first we need to insert the photo or picture we want to use as background.

Then, we can change the color using the color effects. We already have seen how to apply color effects to PowerPoint presentations so we can use the same approach and apply the Washout effect. There are some other variations that may fit perfectly as a watermark, especially the black and white color effects.

Now, you can embed the text above the slide and the background image will remain as watermark.