Action Figure Toys for Presentations

Decorating your presentations with figures and screen beans can help to share the message and achieve the presentation effectiveness. As recommended by Sweller’s cognitive load theory, graphics in your elearning course and presentations are very important and play a core role in any presentation.

Today we will show you how it is also possible to find other good clipart alternatives to represent personas in a PowerPoint presentation. The ideas are inspired in the images provided for free from Office gallery.

The collection of toys can also help to enhance your presentations and show different user profiles, for example if you are creating an infographic or decorating a PowerPoint presentation on a web 2.0 service user profile.

The collection of free cliparts includes:

  • Businessman action figure toy
  • Male action figure toy
  • Athlete action figure toy
All these cliparts are resizable and you can download the figures as WMF (Windows Meta File format). Once you download the file, you can open it in PowerPoint just by drag and drop or insert a picture. You can also find other 2D and 3D cliparts and download 3d animation PowerPoint templates.

Download free action toy cliparts from