Access hundreds of free PPT templates in MS PowerPoint 2010

In we are committed to submit new PPT templates every new day and designs that you can download and use in your PPT presentations. Our files are available as a free .zip that you can download containing a .ppt file inside. It is well known that the common template file type is .pot but for simplicity we have used .ppt so anyone can download the templates and use it. If you require it to be a template by nature, just rename the file name to .pot and job done.

But today we wanted to help you how to find good alternatives to PowerPoint templates and free PPT template designs that you can download and use directly from your MS PowerPoint editor. This can be a good alternative to other free or premium resources and the way it works is pretty similar to the way PresenterMedia add-in works once you have it installed in PowerPoint. You browse the categories and folders with templates and then pick one that you liked it. Now, the template is downloaded from MS Office website and ready to be used. This helps to access hundreds of new free PPT templates and design from MS Office collection.

For example, if we are looking for some good creative diagrams for our business slides, we can access templates like Basic Cycle Diagram submitted by ThemeGallery containing a 3D circular motion diagram ready to be used in your presentations.

Once you click on Download button, the diagram slide will be downloaded to your working presentation and you can now edit the design.

Just as you can download new templates, you can also access tons of slide designs and image slides, for example widescreen templates for PowerPoint, sample presentations with basic animations, sample presentation slides with abstract designs and curves, and a collection of free business PPT templates ready to be used.

These templates are provided for free from some of the most popular premium providers like SlideShop, Theme Gallery, Pure Presentations and even Microsoft. So in some cases you can access and download premium PowerPoint templates for free directly from MS Office.

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