15 Amazing Keynote Templates For Presentations in 2016

If you use Keynote for making professional presentations and need some good slide decks to help you get a head start in your presentation endeavours, then there are some fantastic Keynote Templates for Mac and iPad that can easily amaze any audience. We have compiled a list of 15 Amazing Keynote Templates for Presentations in 2016 to help you standout from the competition.

  15 amazing Keynote templates for presentations in 2016

1. Business Plus Keynote Template

With 200 unique business themed slides, editable modern layouts, a comprehensive PDF document guide and free support service, what’s not to like about this amazing slide deck. Moreover, it even has a PowerPoint version separately available.

This business template for Keynote has a the kind of slides that every business professional needs. This includes slides that allow you to create company profiles, to introduce your team, to create business diagrams and infographics, brainstorming and concept slides, chart slides, sample illustrations and more.

You can preview the complete slide deck before downloading it from Graphic River.

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Business plus Keynote template

2. Business Proposal Keynote Template

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a project manager or someone bidding for contracts in any field, one thing you will need is a good business proposal template to impress your prospect client, donor or investor. This Business Proposal Keynote Template provides a total of more than 4000 slides with as many as 10 color schemes which is all you can ever need to make business proposals for years to come.

This template also has a number of layouts one can conveniently incorporate for making robust presentations such as slides for making SWOT analysis, timelines, editable maps of different regions and a lot more.

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Business proposal Keynote template

3. Annual Plan Keynote Template

This is a great template for making annual business plans, project proposals, company profiles, sales reports, business forecasts, etc. The Annual Plan Keynote Template comes in three aspect ratios, i.e. Widescreen 16:9 HD, Standard 4:3 and A4 (print). The Template is Retina ready and comes with maps for more than a dozen countries, as well as charts and infographic layouts.

The developer also offers around the clock free support.

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Annual plan Kenote presentation template

4. Target Keynote Template

This is a widescreen keynote template with two color versions and a plethora of slide designs for making business reports, project proposals and the like. The template has a modern design with clean looking slides and some beautiful HD images that make the layouts standout.

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Target Keynote template

5. Multi-Purpose Keynote Template

(no longer available)

Superheroes are everywhere, ranging from the Marvel Movies and TV Shows to the DC Universe which seems a bit confusing to follow! But there is no doubt about the might and power of the superhero shown in the template below! A Special – Award Winning Keynote Template is the name of a finely crafted slide deck which packs a powerful punch.

This one is hard to describe. The Template is a mix of witty illustrations, useful icons and symbols, as well as some fantastic layouts that can help you create presentations on virtually any topic that comes to mind. This is a Full HD widescreen template which can be a perfect toolkit for making a plethora of presentations.

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A special award winning Keynote template

6. Dreamer Keynote Template

This template is much like the Annual Plan Keynote Template except with a different color scheme and some very dreamy illustrations. The template can be used for anything from a business or academic presentation to a presentation for a political campaign. The slides are in HD and Retina ready, with three variations in slide orientation, i.e. Widescreen, Standard and A4.

There are also dozens of maps for different countries and different regions. This template too comes with around the clock free support from the developer.

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Dreamer Keynote template

7. Vostro Keynote Presentation Template

This is another stunning template with some excellent HD images and well-crafted illustrations that you might find useful enough to make attention grabbing slides. The template is available in Widescreen and Standard format, with easy to edit layouts for making charts, infographics, diagrams and a range of different types of slides. This is a general-purpose template with powerful visuals that can help woo your audience.

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Vostro Keynote template

8. Minimal Gradient Keynote Template

As the name suggests, this is an offbeat template which provides a minimalist layout. Available with 20 master slides laden with images, text-boxes and charts; this is a template best suited for making sales and marketing presentations or to cover topics where you need to include a lot of charts and images. This Keynote template can be downloaded in Standard and Widescreen format.

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Minimal gradient template for Keynote

9. Ever – Multi-Purpose Presentation Keynote Template

This multi-purpose template not only has business related slide layouts for making timelines, diagrams, business plans and reports but also general purpose slide designs that can suit anything from presentations about science to nature and conservation.

With this Keynote bundle you get more than 800 slides and 40 Keynote files, 10 theme colors and more.

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Multipurpose template for Keynote

10. Planet Pack Keynote Presentation Template

Global warming, climate change and greenhouse emissions are hot topics. This is why a range of presenters nowadays require making presentations on the aforementioned topics to discuss the impact of climate change, sustainable development, recycling, green energy and conservation. The Planet Pack serves as a comprehensive Keynote bundle that can help you cover such topics with great ease. The slide designs are elaborate with scope for customizations that are adequate enough to create custom slides according to need.

Some of the hallmarks of the template include; 75 premium slides, transparent graphics and smooth transitions. This template also has a separate version for PowerPoint.

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Planet pack Keynote template

11. Fast Food Keynote Template

If you need a Keynote template related to food, restaurants, fast food, nutrition and delivery services; then this is just what you need. The template features food, mostly fast food related slides

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Fast food delivery Keynote template

12. Health Keynote Template

For those of you looking to make medical presentations, this is a perfect Keynote template. Whether you need illustrations of medical professionals, maps, charts, infographic or diagram slides; this template has it all.

This template has 2560 slides, 32 KEY files, handmade infographics, animations and more.

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Health Keynote template

13. Moon Keynote Template

For presentations related to science and technology, you can use this Moon Keynote Template. This template can help cover a diverse range of topics such as space, social media, technology, business, research and development and the like.

The template sports six color styles with a range of creatively designed moon themed slides.

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Moon Keynote template

14. Solar Keynote Template

If moon is not your style, then take a dig into the sun with this Solar Keynote Template. The template features more than 60 sun themed slides, with the option of Widescreen and Standard orientation for your slides. Moreover, the template includes a range of icons, slide layouts with infographics, maps, diagrams and more.

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Solar Keynote template

15. Gravity Keynote Template

And if you intend to land back on Earth then the Gravity Keynote Template will keep you grounded. This is a business oriented template with scope for many other topics. There are a range of Modern UI like timelines slides, as well as illustrations of men and women dressed in formal attire.

The template sports 244 slides, more than 3500 vector icons, a range of chart slides, portfolio layouts and a lot more.

Go to Download Gravity Keynote Template

Gravity Keynote template



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