Free Copernicus PowerPoint Template

A solar system illustration with the image of Copernicus model for background of PPT presentations

Free Copernicus PowerPoint Template is an astronomical PPT illustration perfect for the background themes. Copernicus theory changed the old notion of the solar system that the sun revolves around the earth but placed a new concept that the sun is static to its position and other planets including the earth revolve around it. The universal recognized theory with a model for understanding held by Copernicus is useful for background themes. This theory was first opposed but later on accepted by contemporary scientists, but over time Nicolaus Copernicus’ ideas succeeded and now he is one of the historical figures being studied in classrooms.

This free PowerPoint template is suitable for the scientific explanation of the solar system in a PowerPoint presentation, Copernicus theory, the solar system model by Copernicus, and educational discussion on astronomy.

This template and slide design has both ratios of 16:9 and 4:3 for your choice. The illustration is free to download and easy to customize with Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft 365 but also to be used in Google Classroom. Alternatively, you can download other free historical figure presentation template designs for PowerPoint & Google Slides, compatible with Office 365 as well.

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Download Free Copernicus PowerPoint Template