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An educational background design with image of Isaac Newton for PowerPoint presentations

Free Issac Newton PowerPoint Template is another scientific hero of history. The laws of motion and gravity in physics presented by him have established the basis of physics in the regime of science. The progress in the field of physics that we see today is because of the base laws of motion and gravity introduced by Newton. Apple falling theory entailing the law of gravity rendered by Sir Issac Newton is known around the world. He was an English mathematician, theologian, physicist, author and astronomer who is widely recognized as one of the most influential scientists. Newton is considered a pioneer of the new scientific phenomenon and thinking way in the field of science and particularly in physics. The image of the scientist commonly known around the world and an apple is suitable for the presentation on science, physics, education, experiment, and observation noting.

You can use this presentation design and slide template to prepare lecture presentations on Physics, historical figures, science projects or lectures on math. The template design is free to download and you can use it in your own presentations in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

This free PPT template design is compatible and perfect as a background theme, slide design, or title slide of the presentation. You are permitted to customize this free presentation template as needed using the Microsoft PowerPoint.

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