Free Coronavirus PowerPoint Template

A free Coronavirus PowerPoint presentation slide deck

This free Coronavirus PowerPoint template can help to prepare effective presentations to inform about Coronavirus measures, treatments and protection. This free Coronavirus template can be used either by healthcare professionals or institutions to prepare presentations on how to combat COVID-19 and influenza infections in an organization, community, area or region. The presentation template can also be used to prepare step by step guide on hygiene and behavior tips according to WHO recommendations.

The template has 16 slides including different layouts that will help to prepare a compelling presentation on COVID topic. The slide deck for COVID presentations includes:

  • A cover slide with Coronavirus title
  • Agenda slide
  • A slide to include facts
  • Generic presentation slide layouts
  • A tabbed-menu slide to inform on diseases, treatments, etc.
  • Photo slide to feature top doctors
  • Coronavirus Quote of the Day slide
  • Human figure infographic slide
  • Demographic diagram design
  • Org chart or tree diagram
  • Analysis of results
  • Research results
  • Thank you slide

The presentation template can also be used to prepare a presentation on how to deal with doomsurfing and doomscrolling. These are new terms referring to the tendency to continue to surf or scroll through bad news.  This free presentation template is also good for awareness campaigns to help prevent against COVID-19.

This free COVID disease PowerPoint presentation template can help to prepare compelling presentations to present COVID results and stats in a community, by a government or health agency or to present information on COVID situation, demographics and a comprehensive COVID analysis. Also, the template can be used to prepare presentations on new COVID treatments including REGN-COV2 and others.

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