Free Hand Washing PowerPoint Template

A virus background theme for presentations on Wash your Hands

Free Hand Washing PowerPoint Template with handwashing activity is a useful template design for the PPT presentations. The latest COVID-19 has reached almost every country and causing harm to human beings. This illustration showing the safety measure of how hands should be washed again and again to shudder the virus. The unseen germ has created a traumatic situation on brains.

The template design would be helpful for the title slide and background them while discussing the safety measures, teaching the method of handwashing activity, use of sanitizers, and other safeties from Coronavirus. The PPT presentation on the method of handwashing or hand sanitizer with its 6 steps and 20 seconds can also use this design as a background theme of their slides. It can be used to prepare presentations on Hand-washing or hand-washing infographics in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

You can download the template design free of cost and customize it according to the need of a presentation. Alternatively, there are some other template designs on this website for your consideration.

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