What are .pot files?

.pot files are PowerPoint templates files that contains metadata and information to let you build a PowerPoint presentation from a theme design. You may be wondering why all of our free templates in FPPT do not use pot extension, instead we use .ppt extension because are prepared as a PowerPoint presentation itself, but if you want to customize the presentation for your own use you can save as .pot to keep a PowerPoint template file.

What are .pot files?

There could be a confusion raised by the use of .pot files in other software like the translating engine used for WordPress blogging platform. GetText is a tool that uses .pot file extension for their language files. This has nothing to do with PowerPoint, indeed.

In order to bring more detailed information about this .pot extension and know how to open these files, here is the info we grabbed from filext.

Detailed information for file extension POT

Primary association: PowerPoint
Mime type: application/vnd.ms-powerpoint [official]
application/mspowerpoint, application/x-mspowerpoint, application/powerpoint, application/x-powerpoint, application/x-dos_ms_powerpnt, application/pot, application/x-soffic

Identifying characters Hex: D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1 00 00 00 00

Program ID: Powerpoint.Template , PowerPoint.Template.7 , PowerPoint.Template.8 , PowerPointViewer.Template.11