Teamviewer and PowerPoint

TeamViewer is a free application that you can use either for remote access and to run remote presentations online. The good point about TeamViewer is that you can run it free for personal use and it is capable to cross firewalls behind an organization so if you need to run an online meeting between parties behind firewalls you can use HTTP (in port 80) without major inconveniences. TeamViewer download comes in many different flavours.

  • TeamViewer All In One. This is the software that you need to download if you need to wait for connections (host) or establish connection with other parties.
  • TeamViewer For the instant customer. This bundle of software allows you to wait for connections. It is commonly used by a person who require technical assistance from someone who needs to connect to your computer.
  • TeamViewer for unattended servers: TeamViewer Host, is a version that allows you to wait for connections in a silent mode. You can also connect to your own computer remotely using this software as a service.
  • TeamViewer Quick Join for presentations. With the Windows application QuickJoin, your customers can easily participate in your presentations. Your customers start the QuickJoin module and log in with their session data. This is the ideal candidate for easy online presentations.

There are many other versions available but for online presentations you can just download the TeamViewer All In One bundle that contains everything you need to start running your presentation. Download Teamviewer, and then you need to run the application. A new Window should appear with a tab. You can choose Remote Access or Presentation.

Once you select Presentation you need to share your ID and Password with the audience and then click on Start Presentation to start running it remotely. Instead, if you want to start a remote presentation from someone who have shared the details with you, then you can enter the Partner ID and your name to connect.

Download TeamViewer