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To What Extent Does Humor Fit in a Presentation?

Consider any movie virtually! Have you ever wondered why is it that most of the script writers introduce a serious situation right after the scene that included laughter? The basic mantra is that such kind of balance further intensifies the seriousness of an upcoming scene. Same is the case with business presentations!

How To Make An Attention Grabbing PowerPoint Presentation

Gone are the days of black boards and overhead projectors. Today, from classroom presentations to board room meetings, the absolute means to justify the desired end is what we refer to as a PowerPoint presentation. Here, the desired end for everyone is that their presentation is well received by the audience.

The Rising Importance of Keynote Speakers in Presentations

Whether it is a commercial or political presentation, the rising importance of Keynote speakers cannot be ignored; especially because they are the ones who set-up the ambiance of the program. Steve Jobs was also a popular keynote speaker for his ability to demonstrate his ideas effectively and customer-engaging skills.

How To Deliver A Motivational PowerPoint Presentation

One of the most common purposes of giving a presentation or speech is to give motivation to the audience. If you are planning to make a motivational PowerPoint presentation then indeed it will take a lot of focus and a considerable amount of time.

Learn To Present Presentations That Transform Your Audience

Featured in The Economist, New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes and Fortune, Nancy Duarte being a communication expert has greatly influenced how people comprehend some of the most prominent entities and brands such as: The World Bank, Google, Apple, TED, Facebook, Twitter and Cisco.

Exclusive Interview With Brad Montgomery (Professional Motivational Presenter)

brad montgomery presenter

Brad Montgomery is a funny motivational speaker who speaks about happiness at work and how happiness can be used as a tool to increase profitability. You can learn more about Brad Montgomery in this article where he suggest how to enhance PowerPoint presentations or in his website Brad accepted to participate on this exclusive …