Learn how to configure permissions for your documents using built-in features and third-party applications. A part from user rights, you will also find ‘permission’ related templates for making official documents where you might require asking for permission in official capacity.

School Field Trip Permission Slip Template For Word

Standard Field Trip Permission Form for Schools

School field trips are an exciting time for students at any level and it could give teachers a break from the four corners of their classrooms as well. School field trips allow students and teachers to extend learning to various places such as museums, historical landmarks, and many more places. However, trips such as these …

How to password protect a PowerPoint presentation

Password protecting a PowerPoint presentation may be required in some situations, for example if you need to prepare a confidential presentation or if you signed a NDA and need to protect your slides from other co-workers. Although there are some ways to keep safe a PowerPoint presentation (or actually any file) you can password protect …