Management Templates

Download free Management Templates for PowerPoint presentations, Excel and Access. Free management templates let you be a better manager and keep track of all your information and organize your management tasks effectively. You can download free management templates and consulting models for presentations including awesome business management PowerPoint templates and slide designs.

How To Monitor Knowledge Management Systems With Excel

Automatically Generate User Activity Graph

Business owners and managers deal with countless data everyday. Especially with the information technology rapidly increasing where information can be obtained just at the click of a button or, to be more updated, at the tap of your finger, businesses need a way to sort through all of this data and organize it into something …

How to Make a Management Tree Template in PowerPoint from a Genealogy Diagram

Obviously the management tree used in a organization doesn’t has to do with a Genealogy tree except that it is represented as a tree and this visualization graphic let your audience understand how the management structure in an organization is composed. In our previous article we have explained and provided a free Genealogy template for …