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15 Amazing Keynote Templates For Presentations in 2016

If you use Keynote for making professional presentations and need some good slide decks to help you get a head start in your presentation endeavours, then there are some fantastic Keynote Templates for Mac and iPad that can easily amaze any audience. We have compiled a list of 15 Amazing Keynote Templates for Presentations in 2016 to …

The Rising Importance of Keynote Speakers in Presentations

Whether it is a commercial or political presentation, the rising importance of Keynote speakers cannot be ignored; especially because they are the ones who set-up the ambiance of the program. Steve Jobs was also a popular keynote speaker for his ability to demonstrate his ideas effectively and customer-engaging skills.

A Brief Introduction to Keynote

A Brief Introduction to Keynote

The Presentation software application, Keynote first began as a computer program for CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, in order to make presentations for Apple Keynote events and Macworld conference.  Today, it’s actually competing against other Presentation Software like Microsoft PowerPoint as it has some useful and powerful tools which helps in creating captivating presentations. Keynote …