Inspiration Quotes

Tips for making layouts and adding inspiration quotes in PowerPoint presentations. Find out how to create layouts with quotes, with professional designs that can help you insert quotes within your presentations with some elegance.

Also learn how to use quotes in PowerPoint presentations and the places you can find and download quotes from for your slide decks.

Examples of PowerPoint Layouts for Quotes

There are many different ways to embed quotes into PowerPoint presentations but if you are looking for original quote layouts then you can check the following examples. We already wrote about that in our previous article How to create custom layouts for quotes, however here we will review a few other options. This style uses a …

Quotes for PowerPoint

Recently we published a post about why slogans and logo play an important role in presentations. Today, we will comment about the role of Quotes and give some ideas to embed quotes in PowerPoint presentations. This involve the use of a custom quote layout for PowerPoint presentations that we can customize as a Template but …