Hyperlinks in PowerPoint presentations need to be carefully managed. Not only should there be no mistake in placing required hyperlinks with accurate URLs but when copying content from multiple sources you must ensure that unwanted hyperlinks are removed. Similarly, citing relevant sources might also require linking to different websites.

Learn all about using hyperlinks in PowerPoint and how you can best manage links during your PowerPoint presentations.

Open a Program during a PowerPoint Presentation

If you are preparing a demo presentation for a software product or a new project, and you need to start a program from PowerPoint slideshow then here we will show you how easily you can open an external program during the PowerPoint presentation. To open a program during a PowerPoint presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 …

How to reference a screenshot

Before we learn how to reference a screenshot it is important to understand what is referencing and why do I need to provide references in any work, document, presentation, thesis, etc. Simply, we use referencing to show anyone who reads our work that you understand the topic and can demonstrate your own thoughts on this. …