If you are a developer looking for useful tips and tricks for making your life easy, then here are some exclusive posts for developers. These posts cover a wide array of topics, especially development related tips for MS Office applications.

How to Launch Napa Office 365 Developer Tools

Napa Office 365 Developer Tools is a cloud based editor that let you write source code for the new Apps for Office. Apps for Office are the evolution of traditional Add-ins for Office extending Microsoft Office functionality and letting 3rd party developers and companies to add functionality to PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Word but also Visio and Microsoft Project. Launching Napa …

Create Excel Documents from PHP using PHPExcel

Create Excel Documents from PHP using PHPExcel

If you need to code an application that should create Excel documents from PHP code, then we can recommend another useful library for PHP and Excel integration. This library is available for free from Codeplex, the Project Hosting for Open Source Software from Microsoft (since version PHPExcel 1.7.8 it was moved to Github instead), and uses OpenXML …