Align Objects

Learn how to align objects and shapes in PowerPoint and distribute the shapes horizontally or vertically. Arrange options allow you to align objects and shapes in PowerPoint and organize your slide to achieve a better design and layout.

How To Arrange Objects To Front or Back in PowerPoint 2013

Objects play a major role in making diagrams in PowerPoint. A while back we brought you a post about the meaning of flow chart symbols. All symbols used in this tutorial are available in PowerPoint and you can use them and other shapes to demonstrate various important aspects of your presentation topic.

How to Change the Grid Spacing in PowerPoint

If you want to align objects easily using PowerPoint drawing guides and grids then you may choose to adjust the default grid spacing used by Microsoft PowerPoint You can change the grid spacing options in the Grid and Guides settings dialog box under Grid settings group. You may change the increments of grid measurements for …

How To Align Objects on Multiple Slides in PowerPoint 2010

This PowerPoint trick can help you to align shapes and objects across multiple slides in PowerPoint presentations. We came to this need when we were preparing a business presentation and needed to place some images in the same position across multiple slides. In other words, the left and top position values should be the same …

Distribute Horizontally and Vertically in PowerPoint 2010

In PowerPoint you can distribute your objects and shapes horizontally or vertically. This feature is under Format -> Align menu and is very handy to distribute objects in your slides automatically. Instead of manually moving your objects or shapes to the desired placement, you can easily align the objects and distribute them to keep the …