7s Model

The 7s Model is a strategy framework developed by McKinsey. In this section you can download PowerPoint templates and diagrams with 7S model slides for presentations. The Seven Elements of the McKinsey 7-S Framework include the following categories (which can be either hard or soft): Strategy, Structure, Systems, Shared Values, Skills, Style, Staff

The Seven S Model in PowerPoint 2010

McKinsey 7S model is a business diagram that involves seven interdependent factors which are categorized as either “hard” or “soft” elements. The seven elements in a 7S model includes: Strategy, Structure, Systems, Shared Values, Skills, Style, Staff. Hard elements are easier to define or identify and management can directly influence them. These are strategy statements; organization charts and reporting lines; and formal processes …

Other 7S frameworks with similar names appear and refers to other topics, for example the 7S content strategy framework that provides guidance for creating meaningful content with a focus on seven key criteria: Sales Cycle, Value Propositions, Social Media, Keywords, SEO, Technical Accomplishments, and Business Model Fits.