PDF and PowerPoint viewer for Google Chrome

Google Chrome has some interesting extensions that you can use for educators, business people or general purpose. One of these useful extensions is definitely Google Chrome PowerPoint viewer and PDF viewer. This free extension let you open PDF and PowerPoint files directly in your browser.

powerpoint viewer

By clicking on a link for a supported document format like .pdf or .ppt you can open the document directly in Google Docs Viewer, the online viewer from Google that let you open documents in the cloud. This way let you avoid downloading large PowerPoint files and launching another application just to view it. This is maybe the best advantage of using this tool online.

The Google Docs Viewer does not work on files that require a login to view so it is desirable that you click on publicly available files or information in the internet. Fortunately when we are browsing the net we can find almost all documents online without accessing a login page, except if you are behind an Intranet or firewall.

You can use this plugin for example if you want to download our free PowerPoint backgrounds and see it in your browser. On the options page you can also disable any file formats you don’t want to use the Viewer for. Notice that Chrome now has a PDF viewer which is separate from this plugin. If you prefer to use Google Docs to view PDFs then you can enable that in the options. This is a great tool if you want to preview PowerPoint in the browser.

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