Media Size and Performance in PowerPoint 2010

When saving PowerPoint presentations you may be interested to keep the presentation and media content optimized. Keeping the .ppt file size reduced to save disk space may be a goal for many presenters that need to share the presentation online but also for professional presenters who really takes seriously the performance and optimization options.

In PowerPoint 2010 we can optimize the images, media and content to save disk space and improve the playback performance. This can be achieved by compressing the media files. Fortunately PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 comes with great features to compress your media files and save disk space.

Media Size and Performance in PowerPoint 2010

Under File menu, you can click Info option to display an information panel. Here you can Compress Media and clicking on such button will display different options to compress your media and optimize the content for High Presentation Quality, Internet Quality and Low Quality.

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It is important to notice that this menu will be displayed and available if you have inserted any video or sound into the PowerPoint presentation. Once you run the compression option, the media files will be compressed and you can undo the previous compression for a limited time.

reduce file size powerpoint

Finally, saving disk space can be a good idea unless you don’t want to compromise your presentation quality. Saving disk space can be a good idea for example to share your presentation in social networks and other websites like

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