Litmos: The Most User Friendly Online Learning Management System

While many learning management systems like Moodle, Open Elms and ILIAS are good platforms to setup and create your own LMS, it can be more convenient and cost-effective to use a cloud based platform like SkyPrep. When making a Learning management system comparison, one can argue the pros and cons of having your own hardware and using an open source software, nonetheless the benefits of a hosted LMS can be immense in terms of monetary costs and user friendliness. Litmos is an online learning management system, which is perhaps the easiest LMS you can have at your disposal.

Litmos Learning Management System

Easy To Use LMS For Educators, Students And Entrepreneurs

Litmos is SCORM certified, does not require anyone long term contract or setup fee and is quite easy to use. Every student who may use an LMS is not likely to be very tech savvy, the same goes for educators. We cannot ignore the fact that some of the finest educators are often not too young and in the wake of the recent IT revolution many of them are still finding it hard to make the transition to e-learning platforms. In such a case services like Litmos offer a good mechanism for keeping things simple by making it possible to easily access and setup online training courses, with the utility to export course results in real-time. Other than educational institutions, Litmos can also be beneficial for individual users who may be looking to move into the e-learning business by offering their own paid online courses. These courses can be created by using various videos, audio files, PowerPoint presentations and the like.

Create Course

Create Online Courses With Videos, Presentations And SCORM Compliant Tools

With Litmos you can easily create your own online courses with a mix of multimedia content like Flash, audio and video files and even PowerPoint presentations made with any kind of PPT templates. Moreover, you can upload PowerPoint presentations and other content made using a SCORM compliant tool like Adobe Captivate, Camtasia or Articulate. This is another major feature that makes Litmos stand out from other LMS and can be a major point for Learning management system comparison before selecting your LMS.

Create Courses

Built-in Assessment And Survey Editor

To create assessments and surveys, you can use the built-in Assessment and Survey Editor within Litmos. This can help you create automatic assessments for students and gain valuable feedback from end users.


Support For Mobile Devices

All courses that are created with Litmos become automatically compatible for viewing on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Android devices. This can help you provide e-learning courses that can be conveniently viewed by students on the go.

Get started with mobile learning using Litmos

Litmos has various packages with a starting price of just $49 per month. You can also try out the Litmos LMS for free on a 14-day trial basis.

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