Keynote Prototoyping Bundle V3.0

Keynotopia Keynote Prototoyping Bundle v 3.0 is a set of prototyping presentation templates for Keynote and PowerPoint that you can download for prototyping tasks. You can choose between different bundle options depending on your needs. Here we will help you to decide which one is the best one for your UX design process using PowerPoint as a prototyping tool.

This PPT template and Keynote bundle contains a total of 18 templates (over 7,000 UI elements and icons!). This keynote template collection for prototyping is the best deal for freelancers, design agencies, and anyone who uses both apps on Mac and PC to build application prototypes.

What’s included for Keynote and PowerPoint

  • iPad templates(landscape and portrait)
  • iPhone templates
  • Facebook templates
  • Web 2.0 templates
  • Android (Phone+Tablet) templates
  • Windows Phone templates
  • BlackBerry (Phone+Tablet) templates
  • OS X templates
  • Windows 7 templates
  • User Experience templates

In Keynote Prototoyping Bundle V3.0 the following templates were introduced.

  • Completely redesigned templates + hundreds of new components
  • Pixel perfect (sizes & colors) on every components to create 100% realistic designs and mockups
  • Android ICS phone + tablet templates, BlackBerry tablet templates, and Facebook Timeline
  • Dozens of royalty free icons that can be used in the final application

jQuery Prototyping Templates

iOS Prototyping for iPhone and iPad

Generic Prototyping Template

Windows 7 Prototyping

Office Ribbon Templates

Metro Template

You can get the individual license for $149 from Keynote Prototyping Bundle V3.0