How to Merge Two Presentations in PowerPoint 2010

I design more than a thousand PowerPoint Presentations each month. ¬†However, I’ve been faced with incidents, where I had to merge Presentations or Copy each presentation Slide to Slide. Instead of putting up with all that Hassle, you can readily Merge Two Presentations on the go.

It could be really handy, if you need to re-use slides from your old Presentations or combine downloaded PowerPoint Presentations.

How to Merge Two Presentations

  • Open the First Presentation, which you wish to export the slides from.
  • In the Slides Tab of your Interface, Select all the Slides you wish to merge with the second presentation. You can either use CTRL+A, to select every slide.
  • Click “Copy” from the ribbon or you can click on a Slide and Press Ctrl+C, to copy the Slides you wish to merge.

Merge Presentations

  • Open the Second Presentation and Select on a Slide below which, You wish to import the selected Slides from the previous Presentations.
  • Select “Paste” from the ribbon or you can click on a Slide and Press Ctrl+V, to paste the Slides, you’ve copied previously.
  • You can re-arrange the Slides to position them in your desired order.

Using Re-Use Slides Feature

  • Create a new Presentation or open your First Presentation.
  • From Home ribbon, Select the “New slide” tab and then Reuse slides.
  • In the next Window, You can browser for the Presentation from which you wish to import the slides from. You can either import all of them at once or in multiple steps.
  • Click OK. Now, In the Slide Finder, You can choose your desired slides to import. You can click Insert All¬†to select every slide. Just Hold Down the Shift Key and drag it along downwards to select them quickly.
  • In the similar way, you can import slides from multiple Presentations. Then, you can arrange the slides and take of the slide order you desire.

You can use the either way to Merge Multiple Presentations in PowerPoint 2010 or earlier versions. You can also combine charts.


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