Creating a Border in PowerPoint Using Shapes

Using borders in PowerPoint presentations can help you to have delimiter in your slide and make a sense of rectangular area to focus your presentation. You can create a border in PowerPoint through different ways. One possible and simple solution is using a rectangular shape. Another way is to use a border image for PowerPoint or advanced clip arts as those provided in the Clip Organizer.

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, we can create a simple PowerPoint border using Shapes in the following way.

How to create a border in PowerPoint using rectangular shapes

First, start a new slide or download any of our free templates like simple green background for PowerPoint. However, it might be better if you start with a  blank PowerPoint presentation to create a new border.

Inside PowerPoint application, go to Insert tab at top in the ribbon and find Shapes, then pick the Rectangle Shape tool.

Go to the slide and draw a rectangle from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, but leave a thin margin. Then you can make that shape unfilled. That means you’ll not fill the shape with any color unless you explicitly need a color inside or any other effect. In order to do this, just right click on the new shape and choose Format.

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Border Shape in PowerPoint

You are ready to unfill the shape and leave it as a border in the slide. In Format Shape choose Fill options and then select No Fill. This will unfill your rectangle shape. You can use the same approach to create 2D and 3D borders in PowerPoint presentations.

Now you can also play with other effects, or fill the rectangle with a light color (ie: white) and then add some shadow to your border. For example, you can achieve a result like this.

Border PowerPoint Template & PPT

Finally, we got a new border for PowerPoint presentations. Of course this border is really very simple and if you are looking for more attractive borders then you can also use images or frames in PowerPoint. For that purpose we made some frame PowerPoint templates that you can download from this website for free.