Create Image Based Inventories Using iPhone With Pocketory

Keeping inventories in check may require using complex CMS portals, lengthy Excel sheets or presenting content in the form of PowerPoint presentations. But what if you could carry your inventory in your pocket? Pocketory is an iOS application which makes it easy to create inventories. With Pocketory you can create image-based inventories which are easier to comprehend than mere statistical data. You can add inventory items to Pocketory by simply attaching a photo for every item in your list. Furthermore, you can also invite other users to view and edit your inventory lists. This can be helpful in allowing various co-workers to gain access to an inventory, where each individual can add inventory items with snaps.

There are numerous methods by which you can add “Pockets” (inventory items), including the option to add items using internet searches, Barcode scanning, as well as by uploading images from the camera roll. While Pocketory is fairly easy to use, you can still learn the basic steps of making your inventory by going through the tutorial that is shown at start up.


There are also a number of settings that you can configure for Pocketory via the Select Template menu. From here you can configure supported templates which include the following:

  • Blank: You can use this template to select the metadata of inventory items.
  • Instant Photo: This template allows taking snaps of items before filling out form information.
  • Recycle An Item: Allows copying items to pockets.
  • Bar Code Scanner: To add items using Barcode scanning.
  • Search Online: Allows searching and adding items from the internet.
  • Re-Use Last Item: In case a Pocket consists of similar items, you can use the Re-Use option to quickly fill out the form.


A demo of the Pocketory app can be seen from the below video.

Pocketory is a great personal inventory management solution compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 5.0 or later.

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