Free Value Stream PowerPoint Template

Free Value stream PowerPoint template can serve as a blueprint for a lean transformation. This is a mapping technique, which involves a representation of every process through pen and paper. It describes the key data required in the information flow of a family of products. Find out how it differentiates from layout diagrams and process mapping by including a flow of information, in addition to material flow through free PPT backgrounds. Study different mapping techniques and draw conclusions on slides, such as free flow PPT background, and Lean PDCA PPT slides.

Value Stream PowerPoint Template is a free PowerPoint template for value stream presentations but you can also use this for presentations on supply chain or other business PowerPoint presentations. This free template has an arrow tile and green background and can also be used as a free abstract template for other business presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. Free Value Stream PowerPoint is a free PPT template slide design for your presentations.

One of the first steps in lean transformations, mapping shows where lean techniques can be applied to avail a great deal of benefit. Mapping can help in avoiding the act of cherry-picking different lean techniques separately, thereby increasing productivity. Use Value stream PPT background to indicate how group activities, instructions, and hands-on exercises can eliminate sources of waste in the creation of state maps.

Free Value stream PowerPoint template is compatible with latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint on platforms, such as OS X and Windows, along with previous versions of Office Suite.

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