Free Remote Work PowerPoint Templates

Free Computer Desk PowerPoint Template

Free Computer Desk PowerPoint Template is an aesthetically modern presentation template inspired by today’s work-from-home and freelancing environment. It features high-quality graphics of a workstation, focusing on a man expertly navigating through a graphics editor on his computer. The remote work template for PowerPoint and Google Slides is predominantly bathed in shades of calming blue, …

Download free presentation templates on Remote Work and WFH topics. Under this category you can find presentation templates that can help you to make presentations while working from home or related to work from home topics.

What are Remote Working Google Slides & PowerPoint templates?

Remote Working Google Slides & PowerPoint templates are pre-made designs for presentations that focus on the concept of remote work. They usually include visuals and content related to work-from-home environments, online collaboration tools, virtual meetings, productivity tips, and other remote working topics. They are available for both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint platforms.

What are some possible use cases for Remote Work PowerPoint templates?

Remote Work PowerPoint templates can be used for a variety of presentations. Here are a few examples:

Work from Home Policies: You can use these templates to explain your company’s remote work policies and expectations, covering points like working hours, communication guidelines, and performance expectations.

Remote Team Onboarding: These templates can help present a clear onboarding process for remote employees, showcasing necessary resources, key contacts, and the steps to get started with their roles.

Productivity Tips: You can share tips on how to stay productive while working remotely, discussing aspects such as workspace setup, time management, and work-life balance.

Tool Demonstrations: Use a remote work template to introduce your team to tools that facilitate remote work, like project management software, communication platforms, or file-sharing systems.

Virtual Team Building: These templates can be useful in planning and explaining virtual team-building activities or events to keep your remote team connected and engaged.

Company Updates: For remote all-hands or company-wide meetings, a remote work template can help present company news, financial updates, or other significant announcements in an engaging and relatable manner.