Free Authority PowerPoint Templates

Free Ethos Logos Pathos PowerPoint Template

The free Ethos Logos Pathos PowerPoint template is a presentation slide containing the three pillars of a persuasive speech. To successfully give a persuasive presentation you can consider the Rhetorical triangle, as suggested by Aristotle, which balances the following three concepts proposed by Aristotle, the three pillars of persuasive speech: Ethos – the ethical appeal; …

An official card is often used to represent authority and the ability to bypass a certain level of clearance. The Free Authority PowerPoint Templates listed below provide card themed PPT backgrounds which can be used for symbolizing authority.

The placeholders in these PowerPoint slide decks can be used for adding custom titles, subtitles and captions for using the generic card slides according to need. You can mould these card slides for making slides regarding a plethora of topics.